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Valour Row

Valour Row

The National Police Service Dog Monument

Being a dog handler can be one of the most dangerous jobs on a police department. Dog handlers and their K-9 partners attend high risk – in progress calls on a daily basis. Thankfully, on most occasions they make it home safe and sound. This is largely to do with the exceptional abilities of their 4- legged partners. This page is a tribute to our brother and sister K-9 handlers and their canine partners that didn’t all make it home at the end of the day.

On the accompanying pages you will see three categories:

Police Officers killed
in the line of duty
Police Dogs killed in the line of duty and
Honour Roll - For a complete list of Service Dogs that have died while on active duty as Police Service dogs from both injuries and illnesses.


The attached article was written by Natalie Comeau for the DOGS in CANADA magazine in honour of the Police Service Dog Monument.

(Click here) for the article which has been produced with her permission.

The CPCA would also like to thank Natalie Comeau for researching and providing most of the bios provided on the Honour roll.


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