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About CPCA


PRESIDENT - Jason Gunderson, Regina Police Service

Jason has been a long time member of the Canadian Police Canine Association. Jason is the current Sergeant in charge of the Regina Police Service Canine Unit. He is a CLEAR accredited K-9 trainer and represents all of the Canine handlers from the prairie provinces. Jason was a previous director representing the prairie provinces and now represents all of the Police and detector dog handlers in Canada. Jason has been asked to judge at numerous CPCA trials over the years including the most recent which was held in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

BC CPCA Director - Ray Wong of the Vancouver City Police

Sgt. Ray Wong has been a member of the Vancouver Police Department since 1992. His interest in police dog work led him to becoming a quarry in 1996. In 2000, he was successful in his application to the K9 Unit and was partnered with his first dog, PSD Bear. As a team, they were responsible for over 175 apprehensions and were the overall champion at the 2007 CPCA Trials in Edmonton and runner up in 2008 in Saskatoon. Sgt. Wong is a CLEAR certified trainer and has instructed on several advanced courses and at the annual CPCA seminar. Sgt. Wong is forever a student of canine behaviour and tactics and is always looking to expand and share his knowledge base. He is currently partnered with his third dog, PSD Hunter.

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AB CPCA Director - Jim Gourley Calgary Police Service

Jim Gourley is a long time member of the Calgary City police Canine Unit and the CPCA. Jim is a CLEAR certified trainer and represents all of the dog handlers in Alberta.

Prairie CPCA Director - Jody Lorence - Regina Police Service

Cpl. Jody Lorence has been a police officer in Regina since 2002, joining the Canine Section in 2008.
Cpl. Lorence has two working dogs. PSD Axle, a six year old GSD WHO is a general duty dog and DDD Kruz, an eight year old Malinois, who is trained in drug detection.

Cpl. Lorence is a provincial trainer and evaluator for the province of Saskatchewan. He is also a CLEAR certified trainer.

Cpl. Lorence has been active with the CPCA since starting as a dog handler, attending many seminars and trials. He now proudly represents the prairie handlers as director and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve these men and women as they serve in their communities.

(Kelowna CPCA Trials - 2014)

RCMP CPCA Director - Chris Brinnen - Kelowna RCMP

Chris Brinnen is a long time member of both the RCMP PDS and the CPCA. Chris is one of the newest Directors and represents all of the dog handlers in the RCMP right across Canada.

(Chicken Clicker training course - 2015)

OPP / QPP CPCA Director - Murray Deruiter - Ontario Provincial Police

Murray has been a long time member of the Ontario Provincial Police Canine Unit. Murray has been a trainer for the OPP Canine Unit since 2014 and has his CLEAR Master trainers designation. Murray is one of the newest CPCA Directors representing the two Provincial Police Forces the OPP and the QPP.


Brad Gillespie has been a member of the Canadian Police Canine Association for many years. His expertise is in the area of Police Dog tactics and their integration with Emergency Response Teams. Brad has helped instruct at numerous CPCA events over the years and is heavily involved in CLEAR, the Canine Law Enforcement Accreditation Registry. Brad represents all of the Canine handlers and trainers from Ontario and eastern Canada.

EAST COAST DIRECTOR - Phil MacDonald - Halifax Regional Police

Phil is a long term member of the Canadian Police Canine Association. He was most recently elected to the East Coast Directors position at the CPCA AGM held in Edmonton, Alberta. It is Phils intent to bring some of the Annual CPCA events to the east coast.

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SECRETARY / WEB Writer - Cliff Samson, OPP

Cliff Samson was the President of the CPCA from 2002 - 2010. He was again voted in as a director in 2012 for his continued role as web writer and secretary. Cliff Samson is a retired member of the Winnipeg Police Service where he was a member of their K9 unit for over 15 years. After retiring from the Winnipeg Police he worked for the Manitoba Emergency Services college where he ran a provincial K9 training program for 8 years. Today Cliff is a civilian K9 trainer for the Ontario Provincial Police.

Treasurer - Jon Zielinski, Saanich Police Service

Jon and his partner PSD Zeke finished 1st overall at the most recent Police Dog competition held in Kelowna, British Columbia. Jon is the Treasurer for the Canadian Police Canine Association and has filled that role for several years. Jon also represents all of the dog handlers from British Columbia. Jon is a CLEAR certified trainer and is a long time member of the Canadian Police Canine Association.


DIRECTOR / Detector dogs - Doug Smith, Canada Border Services

Doug Smith is a Canine Handler from the Canada Border Services. Doug is a long time Specialty Drug Dog handler and trainer. Doug has been a big supporter of the Canadian Police Canine Association for years and has won several Canadian Police Canine Association trials in the Detector Dog Category. Doug has also assisted numerous times as a judge for the CPCA trials including the most recent trials held in Regina, Saskatchewan.

CLEAR DIRECTOR - Adam Segin - Edmonton Police Service

The Canine Law Enforcement Accreditation Registry is the certifying body for the trainers and Canine Units of the Canadian Police Canine association.

Adam is a Director for CLEAR and was appointed to the position at the 2017 CPCA AGM.

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In Memorium


CPCA Advisor - Brian Amm, Retired Calgary Police Service (Recent recipient of the CPCA - Lifetime Achievement Award)

Brian Amm, passed away on December 22, 2013 after a lengthy illness. Brian will be missed although his legacy will continue through the Canadian Police Canine Association.

Brian Amm was a retired Police Officer and trainer from the Calgary Police Service. Brian had been involved in the Canadian Police Canine Association since it began back in 1978. Brian was the longest serving Active member of our Association and as a result, had been kept on as a permanent Director and our historical advisor. Brian was still active in the training and Certifying of Police Service Dogs for several agencies and assisted with training seminars across the country right up until his passing.
Over the years Brian has held every position possible on the CPCA board of directors including the President and Secretary Treasurer. Throughout the History of the CPCA, Brian Amm is the only member that has finished in 1st Place overall at the CPCA trials in three seperate years with three seperate Police Service Dogs.

On September 9th, 2012 Brian was presented with the Canadian Police Canine Associations "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his years of dedicated Service to the CPCA and its members. Brians long time friend Cannie Stark was with Brian at the 2012 CPCA trials in Regina, Saskatchewan when he was presented with the award.