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CPCA Seminar - Barrie, Ontario May 4 - 7 2020

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Memberships are available to: Police Canine Handlers, trainers and their associates. Annual memberships are available for $35.00 per year individually, or to K9 units at $50.00 per unit and $5.00 per member. (Example: The annual membership cost for a unit comprised of 9 members would be $50.00 + $45.00 = $95.00)

The Canadian Police Canine Association is a non-profit, non-political affiliation of peace officers employed in the handling and training of service dogs in Canada. Handlers and trainers from other countries may join, upon submission of an application to the board of directors. Peace officers, who are not handlers or trainers, or other person’s may join the Association as “Associate Members” provided that they are recommended by “Active Members” and approved by the Board of Directors.

Your yearly membership entitles you to the following:


  • Access to the Members only area of the CPCA website and the ability to request training funds for your own unit events.
  • Access to CPCA sponsored training courses. 
  • Assistance in setting up Seminars and Trials.
  • Ability to register for annual CPCA seminars and trials.
  • Membership contact lists.
  • Accreditation for Units and their trainers through CLEAR.
  • It also entitles members to all the access and privileges of any other voting member of the Association.


L’Association Canadienne de Chiens Policiers est une affiliation sans but lucratif et non politique comprise d’officiers de police employés dans la manipulation et formation des chiens policiers au Canada. Les maîtres-chiens et les entraîneurs provenant d’autres pays peuvent se joindre à l’Association, avec la soumission d’une demande d’adhésion au conseil d’administration. Les officiers de paix, qui ne sont pas des maîtres-chiens ou des entraîneurs, ou autres personnes, peuvent se joindre a l’association en tant que “Membres Associés” tant qu’ils sont recommandés par un membre actif de l’Association, et approuvé par le conseil d’administration.


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