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The role of a K9 Officer and canine partner is one of the most dangerous jobs in policing as this recent incidents demonstrate:


May 19, 2022

Regina, Saskatchewan – A 34 year-old Regina male, arrested for a sexual assault, is facing numerous additional charges, including a new Criminal Code charge for injuring a law enforcement animal, after an event this morning (Thursday) in a Northwest Regina neighbourhood.

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, several patrol units, with the addition of a Canine team, set out for the 600 block of Garnet Street to effect an arrest on an individual alleged to have committed a sexual assault on a 24 year-old female in Regina on May 9, 2022. The plan for the arrest called for extra caution as there were indicators that this individual may be armed and violent. At approximately 8:09 a.m., police spotted the suspect leaving his residence on foot. Officers followed him on foot and as they drew closer to the suspect, the Canine officer called out, ordering the suspect to stop as he was under arrest. The suspect ran instead and the Canine member sent his dog in pursuit. The dog made contact with the suspect, biting his leg, but then broke away unexpectedly as the suspect continued to run. Moments later, a patrol officer was in a position to take the suspect to the ground without incident. At about the same time, the Canine officer reported that the police dog was injured. The dog was taken immediately to a veterinary clinic for treatment of serious injuries. As the result of further investigation, the suspect, already being charged for the May 9th sexual assault, faces several other charges. PSD (Police Service Dog) Ralph is expected to make a full recovery.




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