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Detector Dogs

Specialty Dogs

Besides the many Patrol Dogs that work throughout the country, there are equally as many single profile dogs that are trained in one specific function or specialty. Detector Dogs make up an important part of our National Association and take part in most of the events the CPCA hosts on an annual basis. Many of these dogs work for Police or other government agencies. Two of the largest of these agencies in Canada are the Canada Border Services or the Correctional Services of Canada. The Canadian Police Canine Association is very proud to have these Specialty Detector dogs as members of our Association. Some Examples of Specialty Dogs also known as Detector Dogs are:

  • Drug Detection Dogs
  • Explosive Detection Dogs
  • Accelerant Detection Dogs or
  • Human Remains Detection Dogs


Specialty Detector Dogs are usually chosen for their High Prey and retrieval Drive. The most popular breeds for Specialty Detector Dogs are the Retrieving breeds such as Labradors or Goldens. 





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